WB Umarou Yaya 2023


My Brothers:
As 2022  comes to a close I would like to use this opportunity to thank our newest Past Master Eddie Clymer for his hard work and dedication to our Lodge Accacia #51. I would like to thank you for your confidence in me to be the Worshipful Master of this Lodge for the upcoming calendar year 2023.
As we begin a New Year at Accacia Lodge let us all make it a better year. To this  I would love for all my brothers to remember that Free Masonry is not just a group of gentlemen who come together once a month for meeting. But an unending journey of seeking more enlightenment through constant learning and education. As I told you all moving to the East is just the beginning of my own journey in Masonry.
As we begin the year 2023, my wish is to make Accacia Lodge more better than how I met it. Also I will love to work on retention of new Brothers already in the Lodge. And to build on the existing activities we already have going on in our lodge. Visitation and Brotherly love messages, calls and cards will be regularly sent to our older members who cannot make it to our meetings. As master of the Lodge I will be opening all stated communication  on the EA degree so all our brothers can attend.  I will also try to work closely with and support our fellow Masonic organization, like the Eastern Stars, Scottish Rites, The Shriners et Al, for the greater good of all.
My Brothers, I cannot do these without you all, as I will need help all the above mentioned.  I am looking forward to a great year with you all my Brothers. 
With Fraternal Love
Worshipful Master
Umarou Yaya