I am Edward Clymer and acting Master of Accacia Lodge #51 located in Cottage Grove, MN.  I have been a Master Mason for 8 years.  I have enjoyed being a Mason, and have met a lot of wonderful Brothers who have become great friends.

Our lodge is really unique because we are the only moon lodge in Minnesota!  We meet at the lodge on when the moon is full (Tuesday’s of the week of the full moon).  This started back when the Brothers traveled by horse and buggies.  They used the moon so they could see their way to the lodge and home again.

My family history hosts a number of of past masters of Accacia. My great grandfather, Harry Clymer, was a member in 1920, my great great uncle Milbert Clymer was master in 1923-24 , my father Neil Clymer was master in 2017, my brother-in-law Doug Weisbrod was master in 2019. My great grandfather-in-law was also master in 1887-90.

I wish all the worshipful masters for 2022 a great year sitting in the east. We hope to bring in a new members and welcome other visiting brethren!


Edward Clymer

Worshipful Master